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Catherine Connell Abstract Fashion is often dismissed as, at best, irrelevant and, at worst, downright counterproductive to the presumably more serious and high-minded business of political action. But is it possible to think of fashion not only as compatible with politics but also as a form of political engagement in its own right?

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I'd conceived right around Halloween.

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I'd enjoyed the role.

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Halfway through, I retrieved a glass of water and knelt at his feet, sitting back on my heels. It was another minute before he groaned and reached down, caressing my cheek.

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Then his tongue. My whole body trembled now, and I whimpered.

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But he surprised me by taking me into the bathroom. Setting me on the closed toilet lid and leaning me against the vanity countertop.

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Gathered me into his arms and kissed my forehead. He was snoring softly before I succumbed to sleep.

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He stilled. "Hands, Holly.

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Plus, I set a timer. It's all good.

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